Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Where have you been?

Photo by Eric Johanesen (c) 2013
Where have you ask?

I dropped this blog to start another at Sandi's Notebook.

Our life as we knew it was shifting to new adventures. I wanted to record that adventure, and others, in a more unique place.


That left this site all alone.

Now, almost two years have passed, and I still resonate with this blog. There are still personal posts I want to share, and it seems appropriate to do it here rather than combine at the other site.

So, apologies for confusing everyone....especially me. :)

I'm getting closer to 60 every year, so I need to keep the pace for sharing how I'm doing with it all.

My dear husband told me, "Write as if to your grandkids" and so that's how I want to keep things in perspective.

So, grandkids.

That's where I left off - the expectation of one yet to arrive. Take a look here for a very brief glimpse...but keeping watching...I'll be updating on the recent additions very soon.

And, now, nearly two years later, our grandson is 1 1/2 years old - and - we have a granddaughter nearing 4 months old! In between - we spent three months in China. This is where this blog took a detour over to here. Enjoy a cup of tea (or coffee!) and catch up on some reading.

Time to catch up! I haven't gone anywhere, just rabbit trailed a bit. I hope you're still with me. :)

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