Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The love of my life celebrates 60 years this week.
We've known each other pretty much all our least it seems that way.

He's been my rock.
He remains true to our marriage.

He puts up with all me - all.the.time.
I don't deserve his patience. I can be wicked and yet he will most often ask, "Have you kissed your husband today?"
Sixty years and still counting.

This guy has always been busy and full of energy.
Running, for whatever reason, has been a discipline he's enjoyed since high school. Sprinting in the early years, and now as he's aged, a plodder for the distance.

Eight marathons in the last eight years with more on the horizon.
That describes his life.

One distance at a time requires diligence and discipline. Life isn't a sprint - he often says - it's a marathon.

Hiking is his other passion. The smell of the fresh air, the quiet solitude, the comfort and communion with his Maker.

Ron introduced me to backpacking in our early years together - poor guy. I think he carried more than he expected. My pack along with his. But, the delight of sharing Boy Scout camp outs with his sons made up for my lack of ambition.

He's spontaneous.
He's compassionate beyond words.
He's a dad who's worked hard to do it right. And, admits when he's done it wrong.

He's a man in love with his Savior.
He perseveres, even under the most difficult strain. Maybe not without some angst, but he keeps going and continues to grow from the challenge.

I love that he loves me - I'm still learning how to receive it knowing I don't deserve it. An example of the One Who loved us first.

When he proposed he said he was marrying his best friend.
I get it.

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